Slide PEER RECOGNITION, COMPANY STORYBOOK AND PINBOARD ROLLED INTO ONE BEAUTIFUL GATHERING PLACE The beauty of having a comprehensive program is that you're not limiting recognition to once every five years. Day-to-day, teammates and managers use the tools to recognize the many accomplishments that, over time, add up to a successful career.

Your online recognition program grows into a story bank, which becomes a treasure trove when the time comes to celebrate a milestone in one's career.

Slide SOCIAL RECOGNITION LOVED BY THE C-SUITE Transform recognition into business-critical touch points that make it easy for employees to align day-to-day actions with your strategic objectives. Use both formal and informal recognition to enable participants to relate their efforts to success. A culture that supports your goals can fuel performance and deliver strong results. It's recognition that's loved by the C-Suite. STRATEGIC. INSIGHTFUL. ACTIONABLE. Make recognition strategic in the easiest way possible: our innovative recognition tools help add context to your message quickly and easily. Shared on the Social Stream, colleagues can easily add their own unique perspective to the recognition for even stronger impact.

With relevance and context, performance recognition transforms into a treasure trove of shareable best practices.

Slide COMPANY CULTURE IS SPREAD FROM TINY STORIES THAT RING TRUE "CultureStories become teachable moments about your values that are more powerful than corporate value statements on a wall, more powerful than even training." Simple prompts help transform an everyday kudo into a powerful story with action, context and core values embedded into the public message. Told in their own words, stories show employees how your culture and core values translate to the individual level and reveal the behaviors that your company values above all. IZIISTORY INCLUDES: Peer Recognition
CultureStories Wizard
Award Nominations
Points-based Rewards
employee culture VISIT SITE

Slide “Vibe’s Rewards Nation product is amazing. It has a very fun social media feel. Kaiser Permanente Colorado has a specific type of rewards program and Vibe was able to build our program, with a limited time frame. Everyone I have worked with at Vibe is amazing. They make you feel special, like you are their only client.” Jeannie Mayeux - Kaiser Permanente

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